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Paper Shredding Security - Peace of Mind. We provide an efficient secure document disposal service. Any confidential information stored in unsecured bins or recycling bags in your office is at risk from identity thieves and fraudsters. The longer it sits around waiting to be destroyed then there is more chance it has of being read by a third party, copied or even stolen. This in turn could compromise your company’s client confidentiality, financial integrity and intellectual property placing your reputation at risk. It is the responsibility of your company to ensure secure document shredding takes place and to maintain the privacy of yours and your client's property.

Compliance With The Data Protection Act - Under the terms of the Data Protection Act companies are responsible for any personal information such as names, addresses and financial and legal documents held about their clients and staff. This includes ensuring any sensitive information is properly destroyed so that it cannot be used for fraudulent purposes, which is one of the UK’s fastest growing crimes, such as identity theft.

Confidentiality - Even if you trust a third party to dispose of your confidential materials, you still have a duty of care to check that the information has been properly disposed of; a procedure which is difficult to monitor effectively if your documents are taken off-site before shredding. Therefore with Sussex Paper Shredding no one can see or touch your materials from the time they are placed in the secure cabinet to the time they are shredded and your nominated administrator can view the whole shredding process on site. With barcoding, consoles are catalogued and with this technology location issues are minimal. Barcoding data is in the control of our Client's nominated staff member.

Cost Effectiveness - Disposing properly of confidential waste takes your company time, money and effort. In house shredders are expensive to purchase and require a lot of maintenance and they take manpower to operate not to mention the mess the whole process causes. Not only does Sussex Paper Shredding manage the whole waste collection process, from the secure storage of documents to their shredding, but we also bale the waste and deliver it directly to the recycling facility for regeneration.



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